Last modified: Mon Nov 04 2019 16:15:12 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Architectural Overview


For a complete high level overview, refer to Overview where we described the high-level concepts in a more condensed fashion.

This collection of documents should shed some light on the overall architecture of Winding Tree ecosystem and explain some of the design decisions we have made so far. We are also explaining some of the more technical concepts here.


Our intention is to create an open layered system where at any level, anybody can join with their own approach or implementation and benefit from the layers below. Having said that, you can communicate directly with the ORG.ID smart contracts, or you can use any of the specific tooling we provide. Majority of our tooling is compatible only with Winding Tree Data Model at the moment.

The foundation of the whole platform lies in its set of Ethereum smart contracts which serve as an entrypoint and directory of organizations. From there, each organization links a JSON document stored off-chain.

On top of this shared data layer, we offer a set of Javascript libraries for convenience. These are then used in high level set of REST APIs. The APIs are not actively developed anymore and we encourage the community to take over.

All of this gets used by user facing applications and tools which we have as a reference or for demonstration purposes.

Another important concept that is explained in this section in greater technical detail are trust clues. These are a vital extension of the architecture that bring in a way of establishing a level of trust between two entities by using multiple metrics.