Last modified: Mon Nov 04 2019 16:15:12 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Convenience libraries

Since the data itself can be accessed via Ethereum blockchain, anyone can use them as they are - the only required piece of information is the address of the Winding Tree Entrypoint smart contract.

But for convenience, we provide a set of libraries that should make working with the data much easier. We currently provide an implementation only in Javascript. Feel free to checkout the Tooling section where we list all of our libraries.

If you already have an existing system in place, the library level might be the place for you to start the integration with Winding Tree ecosystem.

Javascript library

Our primary library is called wt-js-libs and it does all the heavy lifting for you:

  • An abstraction over communication with our smart contracts.
  • An abstraction over an Ethereum wallet.
  • Off-chain data resolving and downloading (using configurable adapters).
  • An abstraction over trust clues (using configurable adapters).

You may notice that there is no support for writing the JSON data and that is completely intentional. There are so many places where the data could go that we decided to not implement a generic data handling here. The off-chain adapters might however support data upload.

As a standalone Javascript library wt-pricing-algorithms we are offering a piece of code that computes the prices and availability from the raw data presented in our data format.

We are using both of these libraries in our REST API implementations.

Off-chain adapters

As separate repositories, we offer Javascript adapters for a few off-chain storages - namely HTTPS and Swarm.

Trust clues adapters

As separate repositories, we also offer Javascript adapters for a few trust clues, namely Lif Deposit and a Curated List.

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