Last modified: Mon Nov 04 2019 16:15:12 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Off-chain storage

The core of the whole ecosystem is formed by open data with proper ownership model. Ideally, all of the data would be stored on a public blockchain, but that's not economically and technically viable due to data storage costs and processing time of data changes. We call this off-chain storage.

Our architecture allows many types of off-chain storage types. We support a traditional HTTPS - be it served from a private server or a cloud provider such as AWS S3. Even service like GitHub Gist can be used for a quick test.

We could also use more decentralized storages such as Swarm, IPFS, or ZeroNet. The things to consider when choosing the off-chain storage are discussed in greater detail in How to pick off-chain storage. But we recommend to use the good old HTTPS as other emerging technologies might be unstable as they are usually in their early stages, like Swarm is.

The off-chain storages supported out of the box by tooling provided by Winding Tree are limited, but community contributions are always welcome.

The data itself should conform to our data model standard, namely the ORG.JSON part so the tooling in the higher levels of the architecture can understand them.

APIs published in the ORG.JSON however, can be of any format you see fit. The Winding Tree Data Model format is purely optional, but we are using it in our tooling for demonstration purposes.

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