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How to register an account and access my balance?

Simard Pay maintains the balance of participants on the Winding Tree marketplace. The balances are credited as soon as bank transfers are received, and funds can be withdrawn at any time by the participants.

The API is kept very simple to use as most details required by banking partners are automatically retrieved from the ORGiD profile.

Simard’s bank is participating in the European SEPA Instant Credit scheme and in the UK Faster Payment Service, therefore bank transfers in supported currencies are credited can be settled in near real time, providing of course that the participant’s bank is also part of such scheme.


  • There is no currency exchange mechanism implemented yet, therefore buyers must ensure they have sufficient funds in the travel supplier’s indicated currency before making a guarantee.
  • There is no user interface yet to monitor the balances and deposits. However all information is available using Simard’s APIs.