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What is Simard Pay?

Simard Pay acts as a digital wallet to facilitate the payment and settlement functions for B2B Travel Payments. It allows a cheap, fast and secure interaction between the participants of the Winding Tree ecosystem.

Simard Pay is operated by Simard OÜ, a licensed Travel Agency independent from the Winding Tree fundation. Simard Pay is accredited by IATA under accreditation number #63320235.

Simard Pay provides a payment and settlement function to aggregate the different payments from different providers, and provide guarantees during the transaction.

Simard Pay uses the ORGiD authentication mechanism on top of the Ethereum blockchain, and as such there is no gas fee and the transaction time is sub-second. It is based on HTTP REST/JSON API secured using a Winding Tree smartcontract. For further details, please refer to the Open API schema.