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How to get Líf token

This tutorial will teach you how to get ETH from a faucet on Ropsten testnet and use it to get Líf token. On mainnet you can purchase both ETH and Líf on exchanges.

What is Líf?

Líf token is a crypto currency token used in the Winding Tree ecosystem. It is based on the ERC20 standard.

Network Address
Mainnet 0xeb9951021698b42e4399f9cbb6267aa35f82d59d
Ropsten 0xB6e225194a1C892770c43D4B529841C99b3DA1d7

Get Líf on Ropsten testnet

You can get Líf for testing purposes at a faucet for free. You will first need to get some ETH though.

Getting Líf

Go to Lif's Write contract tab on Etherscan in a browser with Metamask.

Click Connect to Web3 and confirm

Connect Metamask

Find 11. faucetLif() and hit Write. This will fire up the Metamask's confirmation dialog.

Send faucetLif()


Click View your transaction and wait for transaction to be mined. It should look similarly to this one.

In Tokens Transferred you can see how much you have been given.

You can verify at read contract tab by querying balanceOf your address.

You can also verify in Metamask by adding a custom token (symbol LIF, 18 decimal places).

Add to Metamask


For production use you can buy Líf tokens at IDEX exchange.

Try checking for other exchanges trading Líf at Coin Market Cap or coingecko.