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Onboarding Tutorial

This is a comprehensive guide on how to start working with Winding Tree platform. It should be pretty easy for an experienced developer to follow this guide, but if you find an error, an omission, or would like to improve it in any other way, do not hesitate to create a pull request.

After completing this tutorial you will know how to create an ORG.ID, validate it, attach some trust clues to it, and, finally, you'll be able to exchange ORG.ID-authenticated messages with other ORG.IDs. The goal of this tutorial is to show you how to build software around the infrastructure we provide, how to integrate a CRS or a PSS with Winding Tree, how to make an OTA work with ORG.IDs, etc.


  1. You understand why decentralization matters
  2. You understand how blockchains work and how Ethereum uses it
  3. You use command line and are able to install things like Git and Node on your machine. If you're on Windows, we have a short guide for you
  4. You know basic Ethereum concepts: account, wallet, mnemonic, transaction, smart contract, etc. (though we'll cover some of these things in this guide)

Winding Tree environment

We are running a production environment on Ethereum mainnet and a test environment on the Ropsten network. You can walk through this guide by using either of those, but bear in mind that while using the mainnet, you will be spending real ether.


If you are using Ethereum or Winding Tree for the first time, we recommend to use the test environment on the Ropsten network


Addresses of the Organization Factory and Segment Directories can be read from the Entrypoint contract.

  • Entrypoint: 0xDDFD213784A60B1e0215D2d07d71999cD2A40D34
  • Líf Deposit: 0x37B9A2175B552FD54A5f8663e54c4b4693A696d0
  • Lif Token: 0xEB9951021698B42e4399f9cBb6267Aa35F82D59D

Ropsten - test



These tools don't exist yet or are in a very basic shape.

  1. ORG.JSON Generator and Editor
  2. ORG.ID Explorer
  3. ORG.ID Signature Validator

Tutorial Parts